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The Teen Scene
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This is The Teen Scene Magazine Homepage.

Specially designed for teens by Claire!

Daisy, Rotating

Claire here! I hope you enjoy the site! Email with questions and comments to, Have a nice day!The button directly below this text will bring you to Lycos Worldwide Shopping Store. I have now put this site on a new address/url because my current address toooik soooooooooo long to type and was too hard to remember so my new address is......! OOH SO SIMPLE! Also I started a new job, and have my own cubicle. I have been looking for great desk toys and I think I finally found one! This is just an update on my new office - if you think you might need a new desk toy maybe try I think the best option at work is to try making the office fun - that's why I am always bringing different office and desk toys with me to keep myself occupied.


Hiya! I have recently updated my site to allow people to sign and view the guestbook and I have added a message forum for you to discuss matters. I have also trashed the old chat and added a new one!

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