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The Teen Scene
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This is a cool site all round, you can collect points, play online games, send postcards, and much, much, more!

Steps fans? This is your heaven, really if anyone knows about steps, the maker of this site does. Personally steps don't do muchy for me but if this site was the same only about britney spears, I'd live there.

I don't know what this site is like, cos my friend recommended it, but she's really fussy about things so this site is probably the best of the best!

This is a good site for girls that another teenager like me decided to make their own webpage. It's cool! As the makers say, its free! Its fun! It's Bubbley Gum!

I know nearly everyone knows about the Claire's Accessories site, but I'm putting a link here for it anyway, cos its brill!

My friends supacool site on Britney Spears!

THis site is brillianto for egreetings, theres even one for national green pickles day!

The stupidest things you have ever heard, live here!!!

The coolest site eva, for when you bored!

And here are some other cool sites!:

Link of the month! Coolest site I have ever been to! It is like a humungous girls magazine and more!