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This is a page for all your problems, we will answer them as best we can and we have got some official agony aunts from other sites to deal with your problems so send them to the usual address: and we will pass them on. Also we have printed some of the probs, the people who wote these, don't mind us posting them on the site and the aim is to get you to email us with what you would to, obv. you would have to state which prob you are referring to and we pass on the replies to the person who submitted the problem!

:> Hey thanks! Okay I need your help again. The other day, my friend asked my a question and I need your help. Its about guys again. She likes a guy she doesn't even know! She doesn't even know his name! And my friend is a pretty shy girl so she's scared to talk to him. So how will you help this friend if you were in my place?

Thanks again for your advice!

Dear Claire,
My problem is that my family have arranged a trip to Italy for a month which I'm sure will be marvellous! We're going to go bike riding in the mountains and late at night we'll go out to some brilliant restaurant and mum'll let me have champagne and all. During the afternoons we'll probably ( if not bike riding,) go shopping and get some beautiful dress which I'll wear forever more untill I get too fat for it! Ovcourse it would be ridiculous to miss out on some really silly shoes which will be great to wear at halloween so Dad can take a photo and never stop laughing about it! Right now your probably thinking WOW! sounds great to ME! Yeah it does, unless your bestmates arranged a trip to florida for 9 weeks to have non-stop fun at theme parks and stay up really late so that the next day you don't remember anything cause you were too tired! Oh they're both great but in the end I can only choose one; which one? Please HELP me Claire!

hi claire.

i'd like to write in with a prblem and one with a real life story.
My Problem is that my mum dosent want me to have any contact with my auties and uncles as iov grown up ive relised that she is rewening my life and that she is being unfair. i've tried to talk to her but she just keep saying i dont want to talk about it. Wat should i do? please let me know.

Upset mizz fan.

hi The hottest guy in my school asked me out . And i said yes obviously. I llike him and he likes me too, very much. But the problem is that he hates school and he failed a grade. I'm a serious student and i want my guy to be good too. I told him that i would Love him if he tries to do better but his not making any effort! Should I dump him or continue to help him?

okay my prob is i havnt had a good BF in a looooonngg time. i mean LONG. well
on saturday im going to the mall with my cousin her bf and this guy she wants
me to hook up with named chase. she showed him pictures of me and said so far
he really liked me and thought i was cute and all that. and we talked on the
phone and hes super sweet and seemed really intrested in learning about me.
not just my looks. well since i havnt really been around a guy ive liked and
tried to be with in awhile i need some really shy except around my
cousin kelli wich is good so he'll get to see the real me. but i still need
some tips. and it will probley end up me and him sitting in the back of the
car together. thanx for you time, checkyalata


We've had a great response so far so keep em coming and we should have the best site on the planet, remember we cxan't update the site if you don't give us something to update!

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